Redemption Through Force

2014 edition

High quality "R.T.F." t's, with full print fade out cover on the front and golden snake emblem on the back

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The Hero, The Monster, The Myth

2009, Debut EP, released by Steel Legacy Records

Tracklist : Slayer's Oath, A Necromancer's Plight, Dominion, Hammers of Ulric, Anvil of Crom, Avengers of Set, Solitary Sabred, The Trojan Hero

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Redemption Through Force

2014, Full length, Indie release, supported by Pitch Black Records

Tracklist : Synaxxis of Honor, Disciples of the Sword, Stigmata of Pain, A Violent Transgression, Redeemer, Burn Magic - Black Magic, Resurrectio Animi, Sarah Lancaster (the witch's breed), Revelation, Damnation

Price : 10 euro + shipping


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Solitary Sabred

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