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Solitary Sabred have been unleashing their brand of U.S. epic power metal since 2007. They released their debut EP "The Hero, The Monster, The Myth" in 2009, while 2014 brought their long awaited full length "Redemption Through Force", to much critical acclaim, including Album of the Month honors in Metal Hammer magazine (Gr). An active live band, Sabred have appeared alongside greats such as Grim Reaper, Dark Quarterer, Ross the Boss, Cloven Hoof and many others. Stay tuned as the Sabred legacy unfolds...

Petros "Asgardlord" Leptos - Vocals

Demetris "Spartacus" Demetriou - Guitars

Nikolas "Sprits" Moutafis - Guitars

George "Stainlesz" - Bass

Antreas Tapa - Drums

Former Members : ​Josh Ioannou - Bass, Achilleas Michael B. - Drums, Antros Ioannou - Drums

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Albums : 

2014 - Redemption Through Force (full length - re issued in 2015 by No Remorse recs)

2009 - The Hero, The Monster, The Myth (Ep)

Compilations : 

2013 - Bloodbrothers II, cypriot band compilation by Pitch Black Records

2011 - Cyprus Metal Scene united, compilation by Cymetal.com

Demos/Promos :

2012 - Prelude to Redemption, 2 track promo incl. "Redeemer' & "Burn Magic"

2008 - Solitary Sabred Live, live dvd promo of our first gig